• 77 Questions for Skillful Living

    The best “quick fix” for our health is not a quick fix at all; rather, it is Slow Medicine: a methodical, step-by-step process of asking questions that lead to awareness that turns into action that results in extraordinary health. In this book, Michael Finkelstein, MD compassionately guides you through this process, with his trail-blazing Slow Medicine prescription: 77 Questions for Skillful Living.

  • Slow Medicine

    In our fast-paced world, we often look for quick-fix solutions to our health challenges, not realizing that these “solutions” in fact may contribute to our problems. Most health challenges are the result of an imbalance in our bodies and lives, and most quick-fix solutions actually exacerbate these imbalances. If, instead, we take a Slow Medicine approach – identifying the root cause of our health challenges, then creating a thoughtful, step-by-step, and long-term response to it – we effectively bring ourselves back into balance.

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