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Dr. Michael Finkelstein, MD, an integrative medicine doctor in New York

Integrative Medicine Doctor in New York

Welcome home to Slow Medicine! I’m Dr. Michael Finkelstein, an integrative medicine doctor in New York, here to support you in healing and transforming your life, one step at a time. To get you started on your journey to optimal health, I’d like to offer you a free chapter from my book, Slow Medicine: Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness.

Please enjoy your first dose of Slow Medicine through this free gift, which I offer from my heart to yours. Simply put your email in the form below, and you will receive a response email with your download instructions automatically. In addition, you will join our Slow Medicine community and receive our monthly MoonLetter. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an integrative medicine doctor in New York, for in-person or virtual medical consultations that will guide you on your healing path, I am here for you. Contact my friendly and caring staff at or 914-218-3113.

Enjoy your reading! With blessings for wellness on every level,

Dr. Finkelstein

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