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Michael Finkelstein MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NYIntegrative Medicine Doctor in Bedford, NY

If you’re looking for an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY, or if you’re looking for an integrative medicine doctor to work with you virtually, wherever you are in the world, Dr. Finkelstein is here for you. Contact our friendly and caring staff, to schedule an appointment. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

Michael Finkelstein, MD, FACP, ABIHM, The Slow Medicine Doctor®, provides insightful health evaluations and customized medical guidance that empower you to achieve and sustain optimal health and wellness, utilizing an integrative medicine approach. Whether you strive to get in shape, eat a more nutritious diet, prevent disease, or successfully heal chronic illness ranging from heart disease to arthritis to cancer, Dr. Finkelstein – an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY – is uniquely qualified to help.

consult with an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NYBeginning with a series of comprehensive questions, which he fine-tuned over the years, Dr. Finkelstein thoughtfully explores the many dimensions of your health today – ranging from nutrition and activity, to stress at home and at work, to your associated emotions and their impact. Working with you both sensitively and compassionately, Dr. Finkelstein then helps you understand the inter-connectedness of each dimension of your life and teaches you how to activate a positive domino effect on your health – catalyzing an unfolding that leads to the discovery of unexpected treasures. Find out more about working with this unique integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY.

The Heart of the Matter

benefit from working with an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NYUnlike most doctors, Dr. Finkelstein does not just zero in on the area of your symptoms and throw medication at you, in the interest of masking or eliminating those symptoms, nor does he simply exchange supplements for drugs. These quick-fix approaches essentially force your body to shut up and shut down, and in doing so, fail to address the root of your health challenges. Instead, Dr. Finkelstein recognizes the intelligent alarm system of your body and takes a Slow Medicine approach to working in harmony with it. Yes, he examines the specific areas of impact, and yes, he takes the appropriate measures for immediate relief of acute symptoms. After that, however, he goes a step further, looking at the big picture and connecting all the dots in-between.

Michael Finkelstein, MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY prescribes yoga!Unresolved trauma, for example, may result in severe anxiety that stimulates a lifetime of compulsive overeating, leading to obesity that causes diabetes and heart disease. In this scenario, treatment through medication alone will overlook the root of, and therefore miss the ultimate resolution of, the chronic illness. In addition, ongoing medication may further complicate the illness, by adding side effects to the mix. Instead, identifying the core issue and resolving it through appropriate measures – for example, skilled counseling and support groups for post-traumatic stress disorder – may result not only in resolution of the symptoms but in freedom from ghosts of the past, ultimately leading to a new lease on life and positive chain reaction thereof. Take charge of your health and schedule a consultation with Michael Finkelstein MD, an integrative medicine doctor in Bedford, NY. Our phone number is 914-218-3113.

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